Famous for our fresh vanilla, Joe’s secret recipe, is truer to an Italian fresh gelato, than ice cream.

Freshly churned at each of our parlours each day, it’s what makes us unique.
It’s Joe’s fresh vanilla gelato that has stolen the hearts and taste buds of generations throughout Swansea and surrounding areas. Purists will enjoy it plain and simple, untainted by imposing sprinkles and sauces.

Others will test its tolerance with a decorative sprinkling of vermicelli, and the mavericks among us will re-create the wheel with their indulgent choice of sprinkles and lathering of hazelnut or marshmallow sauces…

We mix up the sauces for the season, and bring in a newbie topping or two, but Joe’s fresh vanilla recipe remains untouched, unadulterated, absolute in its smooth and creamy form.

As our age old saying goes, Everything Else Is Just Ice Cream.

  • All our ice cream is freshly prepared on site
  • Our secret recipe has been unchanged and handed down through the generations since 1922

quote-left   I live in Surrey, no matter where I go in Wales, it is always worth the extra miles for a Joes and I take a tub home too! Nom nom Nom. Many a fond memory of joes from growing up. My happy place for sure  quote-right

Amanda Warde


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