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It’s official! ⭐️ We are sponsoring the Bravery Award at next years National Children of Wales Awards. We are so proud to be a part of this fantastic event that aims to improve the lives of children and young people in Wales.

We would like to thank Joes Ice Cream for being our Bravery Award sponsor! We are thankful for the support from a company with roots in Wales since 1898, as without it the awards would not be possible 

Regarding their involvement with the National Children of Wales Awards, co-owner, Adrian Hughes, said:

“Joe’s Ice Cream is incredibly proud to be part of the inaugural National Children of Wales Awards, recognising the outstanding achievements, tireless fundraising, passion and incredible bravery of children and young people in Wales.

“As an ice cream producer, bringing happiness to children is part of what we do. We firmly believe that every child has a right to a happy and safe childhood, but sadly this is all too often not the case. These awards will raise much needed funds and support to four amazing charities, dedicated to helping and supporting children in Wales”.

Blanche Sainsbury, the founder of the National Children of Wales Awards, added:

“We are delighted that Joe’s Ice Cream have chosen to sponsor our Bravery Award. A visit to Joe’s is a favourite treat for so many Welsh children, and it’s wonderful to have them so prominently involved in these important awards. Without companies such as Joe’s, events such as this would not be possible.”

You can learn more about the amazing work of the Child of Wales Award 2020 here: