Christmas Ice Cream Cake


Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Base Topped with chocolate ganache sauce, chocolate flakes, Cadburys Snow Bites and iced sugar decorations


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Description: Vanilla flavour dairy ice cream(37%) and chocolate dairy ice cream(37%) topped with chocolate ganache sauce(23%), chocolate flakes(1%),
Cadburys Snow Bites(1%) and iced sugar decorations(1%)
Ingredients: Vanilla Flavour Dairy Ice Cream(35%):(Liquid Milk, Dairy Cream(Milk), Sugar, Dextrose, Skimmed Milk Powder, Egg Yolk, Emulsifier:(E471), Stabilisers:(E401,E339(ii),E466), Flavouring:(Colour:(E150d),
Citric Acid, Preservative:(E211)), Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream(35%):(Liquid Milk, Dairy Cream(Milk), Sugar, Sweetened Milk, Chocolate(6%):(Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Emulsifier:(Soya Lecithin)),
Water, Skimmed Milk Powder, Vellutina:(Emulsifier:(E471), Stabiliser:(E420(ii)), Emulsifier:(E471), Stabilisers:(E401,E339(ii),E466), Flavouring:(Colours:E150a,E150d)),
Chocolate Ganache Sauce(23%):(Chocolate Chunks:(Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Emulsifier:(Soya Lecithin), Flavouring), Whipping Cream(Milk), Butter(Milk)),
Sweetened Milk, Sugar, Chocolate(6%):(Cocoa, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Emulsifier:(Soya Lecithin), Water, Dextrose, Skimmed Milk Powder,
Vellutina:(Emulsifier:(E471), Stabiliser:(E420)), Emulsifier:(E471), Stabilisers:(E401,E339,E466),Chocolate Flakes(1%):(Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat(Palm, Shea), Emulsifier:(E442), Flavourings), Cadburys Snow Bites(Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fats:(Palm, Shea), Emulsifiers:(E442,E476),Modified Starch, Flavourings), Iced Sugar Decorations:(Sugar, Egg White, Thickener:(E413,E414), Solubilized Milk Protein, Acidulant:(E330), Carthamus Extract, Colours:(E100,E120,E132,E150d,E160a,E172), Flavouring:(Colours:E150a,E150d))
Allergy Advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold, may contain nuts and peanuts
Energy 1329kj/319kcal
Fat                           21.1g
of which saturates  13.1g
Carbohydrates        26.7g
of which sugars      26.2g
Protein                    4.5g
Salt                         0.3g