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Back in 1898, Luigi Cascarini came over to Swansea from the Abruzzi Mountains in Italy. In the midst of the industrial era, Mr. Cascarini was shocked to find that there were no cafes open to accommodate the early workers of the Swansea valley. So Luigi decided to open up a workers haven where he would serve them rich roast coffee from the crack of dawn until the darkness of the night. He worked every hour of the day making his cafe such a success that soon he opened another...and.... another...and another. Before long, Luigi had opened a chain of cafes that his children ran with him.


When his eldest son, Joe, was old enough he brought him over to Wales from Italy and Joe ran the cafe at 85 St. Helen’s Road. As a passionate ice cream lover, Joe Cascarini sought to add a truly Italian flair to the Welsh cafes, so following a secret recipe from his home in Italy, he sourced the finest ingredients in Wales and introduced to Swansea the most unique tasting, luxury, Italian ice cream.


Joe's sacred recipe remains unchanged and safe in the heart of his family who make the same ice cream almost a century on. Using select ingredients of the highest quality, Joe’s remains an ice cream of finesse. We experiment with our aromas, offering a blend of Welsh and Italian fancy flavours to our loyal Joe's following, but our ingredients will always retain the Joe's stamp of quality. That’s what makes Joe’s ice cream JOE’S. After all...Everything else is just ice cream!

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